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Meet the Rydmans

Jack and Ruthie RydmanJack and Ruthie Rydman moved to Oakville in 1973 with their three sons, Jeffrey, Michael, and Christopher. In 1999 they planted two acres of their property on Oakville Cross Road with 2100 Cabernet Sauvignon vines.

The Oakville AVA produces many of the most prized Cabernets in the Napa Valley. As expected, their vines produced exceptional fruit which they sold to nearby wineries. In 2005, because the fruit was of such high quality, they decided to go into the wine business themselves with the help of their sons. They chose the name "Oakville Cross" designating the location of their vineyard. Their premiere release has been met with rave reviews making their decision to make the leap from grower to vintner all the more sweet. Because of very limited production, please sign up on our mailing list to receive ongoing information about the availability of our wines.